Preferred Home Management, LLC is a Charlotte area company focused on the management and leasing of single family homes and multifamily property investments. We help property owners achieve the highest-possible rents while relieving them of the workload of rent collections, maintenance, and repairs.

Leasing your home can be a great opportunity to earn income while preserving and growing your home equity. Rental properties are also a compelling alternative investment, known for reliable income and attractive returns.

We strive to differentiate ourselves by providing the highest level of client service in our market. Please give us a call if you are interested property management, leasing, or rental property investments.

"We are here to preserve the value of your home
while making your life easier and more profitable."

Preferred Home Management, LLC, represents the interest of Landlord's in bringing perspective Tenant's to residential properties. We do not own any of the properties that we lease and/or sell, so there is no conflict of interest with our landlord clients. We work closely with owners, finding the most qualified tenants to fill vacancies and create an income.

If you have tried to sell your home without success, let us find a tenant for your property so that you can generate an income stream while the market recovers.

Professional property management is most often the best solution for owners that live outside of the area and need a full-service company to handle the day-to-day management, collections, repairs & maintenance and accounting of their property.

If you interested in selling your property, we also have a strong 21-year track record in residential brokerage in the greater Charlotte market. This allows us to provide our owner/clients with valuable lease-versus-sale decision guidance that is based on long experience and real-time market participation insight, in addition to comprehensive transaction data.

Rental properties are a compelling alternative investment, known for reliable income and attractive return on investment. We have had great success helping our investor clients identify, acquire, lease and sell rental properties.

Lynne Goodwin